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Calm Care

Calm Care

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Calm Care contains a blend of ingredients aimed to relieve stress and anxiety in both cats and dogs. It is available as a sprinkle capsule or a salmon flavoured liquid for maximum compliance. Here are some common ways calm supplements can help:
  1. Reduce Anxiety: Many calm supplements contain ingredients such as L-theanine, chamomile, or valerian root, which have natural calming properties. These ingredients can help soothe nervousness and anxiety in pets, especially during stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, or visits to the vet.

  2. Promote Relaxation: Calm supplements often include herbs like passionflower or skullcap, which have mild sedative effects. These ingredients can help promote relaxation in pets, making them feel more at ease in their environment.

  3. Improve Behaviour: Pets experiencing anxiety or stress may exhibit undesirable behaviours such as excessive barking, whining, pacing, or destructive chewing. Calm supplements can help alleviate these behaviours by reducing the underlying anxiety or stress that triggers them.

  4. Support Cognitive Function: Some calm supplements contain nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to support brain health and cognitive function in pets. By supporting overall brain health, these supplements may help pets better cope with stress and anxiety.

  5. Natural Ingredients: Many calm supplements use natural ingredients that are safe for pets and have minimal side effects when given in appropriate doses. This can provide pet owners with peace of mind knowing they are providing their furry friends with a safe and effective solution for anxiety and stress.

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