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Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

PMFT works by inducing small electrical currents within the body's cells, which can promote healing processes and alleviate pain. It has been used to treat a variety of conditions in animals, including musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, and wound healing. PMFT is non-invasive and is often used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan in veterinary rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Laser Therapy

Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation therapy, involves the use of low-intensity red light to promote healing and reduce pain and inflammation in horses and dogs. It works by stimulating cellular activity, particularly in the mitochondria, which helps enhance tissue repair and reduce inflammation.

In veterinary medicine, red light therapy is commonly used to treat various conditions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, wounds, and skin disorders in horses and dogs. The red light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by cells, triggering a cascade of biological responses that can accelerate healing, reduce pain, and improve mobility. It is non-invasive, painless, and generally well-tolerated by animals.


As well as PMFT I also use a few other forms of electrotherapy including:

TENS/NMES - Useful after surgery for increasing muscle bulk and range of movement

Therapeutic Ultrasound - Excellent for treatment of tendon injuries, scar tissue and joint mobility

Exercise Plan

We will create a specific plan of fitness-related and fun activites to carry out. This is created to assist the injury and speed up the rehabilitation process. Exercise prescriptions vary from animal to animal it could be pole work for a horse or simply behaviour work for a dog.

  • Proprioceptive Enhancements
  • Reeducation of Gait
  • Strengthening of Muscles
  • Neurological Stimulation
  • Competition Related Training

Manual Therapy

Everyone loves a good massage especially our pets. Not only is it enjoyable and relaxing, it benefits circulation, reduces pain and drains waste products in the body. The types of manual therapies include:

  • Myofascial Release - special type of massage used for treatment of soft tissue and fascial restrictions.
  • Trigger Point Therapy - helps to alleviate tightness and specific pain in the muscle
  • Stretching - increases flexibility, improves posture and can reduce further injury
  • Range of Movement - similar to stretching and mainly used as an assessment tool but it can be suitable for balance and strength

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