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These are some of the common cases I treat regularly:

Referrals: Direct referrals from veterinary clinics e.g Vets4Pets, Medivet, Private Vets

Congenital: Conditions such as Hip/Elbow Dysplasia and Patella Luxation

Neurological: Conditions such as Degenerative Myleopathy & IVDD

Post-Operative Cases: Physiotherapy will help to optimise recovery and function  

Therapeutic: Physiotherapy will aid relaxation and improve wellbeing

Ageing: Arthritis being the most common age related disease in dog

Why Physiotherapy?

We always need to keep an eye out for our best pals no matter what, even when they aren't as fast to that ball as they once were. As any animal gets older, it is more prone to weakness and disease, especially arthritis. 

With physiotherapy, it is possible to reverse these symptoms and make your dog more comfortable in their later years, relieving any pains or aches they may have picked up. It is also necessary to keep that smile on their face and yours. 

Unfortunately sometimes dogs can get into some nasty accidents and this can result in surgery.  Physiotherapy is proving everyday just how useful and beneficial it is for rehabilitation. Give me a call and we can discuss the best possible treatment

For Sport

As sports such as agility, canicross, fly-ball and racing become more popular for dogs, the risk of injuries has become greater. 

Physiotherapy is always beneficial after a long day of competition for our dogs, helping with muscle fatigue and any injuries that may have been sustained along the way. It alleviates tightness and improves recovery and blood supply to the areas which have been working hardest. 

A massage a few days before competition can also help by flushing out the toxins in the body and getting new oxygenated blood to the muscles that need it most. While most importantly it improves performance.

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